Welcome to our online store, we are makers of recycled hunting and kitchen knives, All blades are made from old saw blades, spanners, high carbon implements and old scrap.  Handles are made from recycled material and old antler. Sheaths are made from recycled leather (old saddles, bags and cases)
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Our Origins

My interest in knives stems from my farming and hunting background. Quite often we used to have competitions on who could skin and neatly dress out the dog tucker sheep and house muttons. So early on I knew what was a good shape for a good skinner. Also I am a keen hunter, deer and pigs. I also spent time culling for the New Zealand forest service. We used to make our own knives. So those interests drove me to make good quality knives for the outdoors and the kitchen from old cross cut saws and mill blades used earlier on in the 1900's. So as you see I have always been an outdoors man, who loves hunting game in the mountains, fishing the streams and rivers and harvesting the sea for the table.

-John Isabeth


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Extremely well made knives that are very beautiful, I bought one for my husband and it's now his favourite hunting knife 

I'm a chef and am currently using 2 cullers knives. I cant believe how amazing/sharp these knives are. By far the best I've ever used.


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